We met with the oncologist this morning. I can’t tell you how horrible it was to hear he was not optimistic about the areas found on the PET scan. I am though – at least I am trying to be. It’s still a big “if.” If the two new areas are positive for cancer, it puts my diagnosis at Level 4. This will not effect the treatment plan the oncologist recommends because the cancer already involves so many lymph nodes in my left lung and up through my neck. He says chemo is my only option at least for now.  The biopsy on my spine is on Tuesday. Results may take 48 hours or so. My chemo is scheduled to begin on January 30. I will meet with another oncologist on Jan 28th for an additional opinion.  I don’t have much pain. The lymph nodes around my neck are tender and achy at times. My side aches at times and occasionally terribly. My guess is it’s my stomach. Hopefully, the gastroenterologist will offer some ideas. I’ll be seeing one on Wednesday afternoon.