I find distractions are the best thing for me these days. Dwelling on my illness and all the unknowns increases my anxiety. My aches and pains are low on the threshold scale. But they hurt me in other ways because they are constant reminders of what is going on in my body. The anxiety this creates is hard on me and anyone around me. I am getting more and more eager to start chemo. I want to fight back. It is scheduled for Thursday, January 31. It’s just two hours one week, one hour the following, then one week with off with no chemo. They call that a cycle. Then it will 6-8 cycles depending on my success. I’m ready for round one! Ken’s been been spared a new hair style. My oncologist says I won’t lose mine. Ken had volunteered to shave his to match mine.  So you’ll just have to imagine how we’d look bald. I’ve also been told that my energy level should be no worse than 80% of normal. Chemo is more tolerable than it’s been in the past on many levels. Of course my biggest concern is effectiveness – to hell with my hair!