This morning was a little rough. I woke up with nausea and a headache. But, thanks to Ken’s attentive care and love and support… and a little time, I recovered. I was feeling well enough after several hours to shower and get out to do some errands. I had to fight the heavy tiredness. But each effort made the next easier and the rest of the day went fine. I kept my salon appointment with Joe. It was good to see him and Buni. I relaxed so much I fell asleep in the chair. Spending time with them really cheered me up! For those that don’t know, tomorrow (Saturday) is Ken’s birthday.  I appreciate all the comments and support. Knowing there are so many rooting for me is encouraging and comforting. PS – If you want your comment to remain private (un-posted) just let me know. Each time a comment is added, I get an email telling me it’s there and includes the text. And, it gives me the option to go to my blog and post it for all to see.