The day after the 1st chemo went well. The one sharp pain I have in my side took a rest for most of the day. That was very encouraging. I went into work for the day which had it’s own ups and downs. My sister, Betty, has been helping me with the business for over a year. She is putting in more time and taking a big load off of me. Ken’s been pitching in with my business, too. Helping me to speed up much needed projects and plans. He gives me the support to do those hard things that have fallen behind schedule. Today, my sister, Darlene, stopped by bringing lunch and a yoga mat of my own (it had been on my shopping list). I plan to put it to use early next week.My sister Karen also stopped by later with dessert… a hand-selected box of See’s candy. Something to help put some weight on for the days ahead. I am making the effort but can use all the help I can get. Ken is good to put snacks in front of me every hour or two and that helps too.