We had a quiet weekend running errands on Saturday and even got to work in the garden and plant some vegetables . On Sunday we enjoyed the Superbowl. I brought some work home to catch up on, but didn’t look at it. I have been working regular hours this week. It’s been nice to get my mind on other things and to be normal.    


Tuesday evening Ken and I went a presentation on lung cancer at Scripps. Two survivors attended.  It was great to hear of the support available and of the Lung Cancer Alliance. Though, it was shocking to hear how little research is being done in this area. Early detection is practically non-existent. Cure rates pale in comparison to other cancers – so little research funded.  


Universally, the first question people with lung cancer are asked is “Did you smoke?” I didn’t. And I quickly learned to say so immediately after I tell anyone I have this disease. No other cancer prompts this type of question – inferring blame. Interesting, hunh?I am still feeling good and have not lost any weight. I have no lasting side effects from the chemo other than needing a bit more sleep than usual. So far, so good!