My foot is doing much better. It’s a ligament attached to my heel, a common injury called plantar fasciitis. A shoe insert and regular stretching is supposed to help. I manage to stay out of the boot for a day or two. It’s my left – so I can still drive. I am doing well with it and expect I’ll recover quickly.This is my week off from chemo. I am feeling great most of the time. For the last two days I’ve been aware of lymph glands in my neck. – a bit swollen and achy. It’s not the pain that bothers me – it’s the reminder of the cancer.


I went to a support group today – a first for me. This one is for lung cancer patients and meets once a month. It is encouraging to see survivors. Everyone is excited to hear that someone’s made it for well over a year. There were two there today that were diagnosed over two years ago and a doing really well. A few discussed a drug called Tarceva, a pill that keeps recurrence at bay. They said once you go on it, you stay on it. Resistance can happen with this – like any of the treatments. I did like how one woman referred to her tumor, she called it “the monster.”  Another woman said if she sees another pink ribbon she’s going to puke – and I understood how she felt.  White is the color for lung cancer. I don’t know who decides these things.  


Friday morning is my CT scan. Ken and I will see my new doctor on Monday afternoon. Then, we’ll finally have an idea how the chemo has been working. It’s going to be a long weekend waiting for the results. But, this is a lot faster than what I’m used to.