Since noon Friday I have been very tired and exhausted at times. It’s not just the chemo. Coughing has been waking me up around 3 am with little sleep after that. I hope this passes soon. In the meantime, I am taking naps.  


On Friday I was able to recover enough to enjoy an evening with Monica and Kathi, dear friends since our high school days. It was Monica’s idea to get matching rings – which we did. Three interlinking hearts – for each of us.


Saturday Ken and I had a visit from nieces Jackie and Lauren. They had made the drive down from Indio for part of the weekend. Later in the evening Ken and I enjoyed a lovely dinner party with some of his friends from the Citizens Review Board (CRB).  The food was wonderful – I only wish my appetite had been a bit better than it was so I could have enjoyed more of the delicious food.