I have been exhausted for the past week or so. When I’ve tried to write, I get so tired I fall asleep in front of my computer.


It started with a cold and bronchitis. I went through another bronchoscopy on Tuesday as a precaution. This one was horrible! OUCH! Before the procedure I was already dehydrated with a fever and vomiting. It went as badly as it could with me fighting the entire process once the scope went in. I was pushing and kicking at the doctors and nurses and doing all I could to get them to STOP!! They outnumbered me 4 to 1 and managed to hold me down and get through it. It was absolutley frightening. I was given an IV after it was over. But the vein was so poor that hours later half the bag of solution remained. After much begging they finally let me go.  


Before we made it home my fever increased and I got the worst case of chills I’ve ever had.  Fortunately the car was warm and that helped me to fall asleep on the way home. That night my fever went up over 103. By then I had a headache and felt completely miserable. I’d left messages with my doctor’s office not realizing they had already gone home for the day. The next morning they called and told me to be prepared to stay in the hospital for a few days. My doctor fit me in, ran blood tests, and said I was strong enough to go home on a new antibiotic. My fever had also broken – another good sign.  I would miss my chemo that day. and go back home to more rest and more pills. Except I got worse that evening. The pain in my chest made it more and more difficult to breathe. OUCH!


When it became unbearable and I was doubled over in pain, I asked Ken to take me to the nearest hospital. By that time it was after 11pm. We went to Pomerado. They put my on fluids, pain killers, anti nausea medication and did a chest CT. In addition to bronchitis and pulmonary emboli, I was told I also had pneumonia. I also had a lot of new needle pricks on my arms and hands from all the attempts to take blood and insert an iv.


They wanted to keep me for a few days at Pomerado. But we thought it best to be at UCSD where my oncologist could keep an eye on me. Only that did not go well. The on-call oncologist was not getting pages – from me or from the ER. Four hours later the ER doctor was still waiting for the oncologist for consulation. She fianally showed up aorund 8am. My blood work was lookig well enough – so I was sent home again. By then both Ken and I were extremely exhausted, thirsty and hungry. We went home and got some desparately needed rest. The pills are managing the pain. My headache has subsided…. but now Ken was sick and in pain. He had the same cold and sore throat that I had started out with the previous Friday! I am finally feeling my energy starting to come back. But, I have a long way to go.