Wednesday’s chemo, the first of my 5th cycle, was postponed. My blood counts were not high enough. The appointment’s been delayed until Monday when they should be fine. I know it’s necessary, but I was very disappointed to have to wait.


The results of my last CT shows the tumor is smaller, but I don’t know to what degree. The effectiveness of chemo lessens with each treatment and any reduction is considered good. I’m going to try to get more specifics of  the CT. In 3 weeks I start my last cycle.


When that’s complete, another round of tests. At that point I hope to try a new medication, a vaccine that’s supposed to keep the tumor at bay. There are other drugs that are now in use. But, even with that, the break from chemo normally runs from 2 to 6 months. Then it’s back on chemo. The bone scan indicated concern about my bones. Treatment to make them stronger and more resistant is under consideration. And, my blood count may need some help to get through the 6th cycle. There is medication for that, too. Ken returned from his business trips on Wednesday. It’s beyond wonderful to have him back.