Chemo was called off again today because my blood counts were too low. Rather than improve with time, they’ve dropped since last week. As usual, I had my blood test when I arrived, waited an hour plus for the results, then went to the infusion center to get my IV started. That’s when I learned the bad, and very unexpected, news. Now I’m getting treatment to stimulate my bone marrow to improve matters – daily injections for the week. Chemo’s been rescheduled for next Monday. That makes it two weeks and a half weeks behind starting my 5th cycle. (A cycle is three weeks). Ken is doing a great job, as always, cheering me up and helping me to cope with the set backs. He is the most amazing person. He is there every step of the way with lots of hugs, smiles and tremendous encouragement. I know it’s hard on him facing these disappointments, too.