The Neupogen did the trick. My blood counts were up and I was able to get chemo today. What a relief! I was nervous about it. This past week or so I have been having occasional aches in my lungs and the lymph glands in my neck making me anxious. Time will tell. In the meantime, I try to imagine it’s my immune system waking up and fighting back.


Achy bones were expected from the Neupogen. I didn’t experience much of it – though it would be well worth it. The improvement is supposed to be enough to get me through next Monday’s chemo, too. After that I get another, similar medication to get me ready for Cycle 6.


Three weeks after that, in early June, the testing begins again. That will possibly be the end of my chemo for at least a few months while I recover from chemo. Hopefully, I will get the new trial medication and the break will be a long one.  Less and less effectiveness is expected from the chemo, and I need all that I can get out of it. Oh, and a bonus, I only had one “stick” each for the blood test and the IV. Nice.