The aches and pains diminished before I started the new medication. That encouraged me a lot. I started Tarceva on Tuesday the 15th. Next week, on the 29th I have some blood tests scheduled. I am still waiting for approval for a treatment for strengthening my bones against the cancer.

I should have my next CT in 5 or 6 weeks. Then we’ll know how it’s all working. In the meantime, the other gauge is pain. I have very little. Mostly the occasional twinge in my chest. I like to think that is the Tarceva working.

I have been putting in a lot of hours at work… while I can. But, it doesn’t leave much time for writing or for the exercise I know I need. It’s hard to focus on what to do next – from hour to hour and day to day. And, it’s hard to be patient.

So I watch and wait for side effects.