If approved, the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act will authorize $75M for lung cancer research. It’s about time!! Please check out the link below and contact your Senator.

FYI – During the period of 1996-2003, only 16% of lung cancer was diagnosed at an early, most treatable stage. By contrast, 61% of breast cancers, 39% of colon cancers and 91% of prostate cancers were diagnosed at early stage – not surprising since screening for these cancers is strongly encouraged. It is non-existent for lung cancer.

Nearly twice as many women die from lung cancer as those that die from breast cancer.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Congress earmarks funding within CDC for specific cancers. The CDC budget for FY07 includes $201 million for breast and cervical cancer initiatives, $13.9 million for prostate cancer and $14.4 million for colon cancer.

CDC budget for FY07 included $0 for lung cancer initiatives.

2007 Facts Graph 4

The link:    http://capwiz.com/lungcanceralliance/home/