Posted Aug. 15, 2008

There hasn’t been much to report. I had my Zometa infusion a few weeks ago. Ken was traveling. Susan Williams was there to kelp me through it. The 15 minute process instead took hours while we waited for a second blood test, then the pharmacy, and finally the IV. 

I am tolerating the Tarceva well. I’ve had minor rashes on my face, chest and back. These are normal and a good sign about the effectiveness. I looks like I might have sunitinib rather than the placebo. Another good thing.

My next CT is planned for Sept. 8. This will tell me how the new medications are working. I am still having some aches- chest and neck (lymph nodes). But they are lessening. I have a little fatigue but not much else. 

My eyes keep closing on me… so I’m off to bed for now.