November 2008

Thanksgiving has been a quiet one for us. My sister Karen generously hosted a family get-together for a traditional turkey dinner. It was wonderful to see everyone and to relax for several hours. I am fine other than fatigue and lately occasional nausea. The nausea is possibly due to the antibiotics I’ve been on. Only a few days to go. On Tuesday I get my next infusion and then Wednesday I have my next appt. with Dr B.


The results of my neck CT found a lesion in my thyroid gland. I was told about 90% of the time these are negative.¬†Dr B thinks it’s not likely to be anything of concern, but to be on the safe side I will have more tests.¬†Tuesday I will have an ultrasound. Then next week I will undergo blood tests (along with my routine ones) to check thyroid function. It was important to learn that all my lymph nodes looked normal. But, it does not explain the various aches in my neck and near my ears. But this has been going on for a long time and paled in importance compared to everything else.

On Friday I finally got the results. What may be a lesion was found in my thyroid gland. Apparently 90% of the time these are negative. Dr B does not think it’s anything to be concerned about, but is running some follow-up tests. Tuesday I will have an ultrasound. Next week, I will have a blood test to check thyroid function – along with my routine blood tests. This all started to address my anxiety about ongoing aches in my neck and near my ears. It does not sound like it will explain this.

I had a CT scan of my neck on Tuesday morning and still do not know the results. I’ve managed to keep my mind off it most the time, but it’s been more difficult today. Hopefully, tomorrow….

The date of my next scan is always in the back of my mind. When is the next one? When will I get the results? It is an effort to be patient.

For now I’m fighting another infection. This time it’s my right hand. At least I realized earlier this time and started the antibiotics sooner. I need to figure out how to avoid to these.

My next appointment with Dr. B isn’t until early December. I’ll get my next infusion then as well.

Ken and I got the CT scan results on Wednesday morning. The results are much better than expected. Yeah!! Dr B is now measuring the tumor in millimeters rather than centimeters. It’s not only smaller, it’s once again opaque looking instead of the dense blob it was in early July. It’s unbelievable!!

My hopes were kept in check by various little aches and pains in my chest and neck that come and go. Obviously, this is a poor indicator of my progress since the tumor continues to shrink and my lymph nodes remain normal in size. I am also encouraged because my abdomen remains clear and has since I finished chemo in May.

The tumors in my bones continue to get added treatment with Zometa. The improvement in the main tumor means my bones should be healing just as well. Dr B does not think the neck issues are related to the cancer. But, I’ll go through a neck CT on the 18th to be sure. I think it’s mostly for my peace of mind. Reducing anxiety being a part of treatment. : )

Please support the Breath for Hope lung cancer walk by joining a team or supporting a participant. Awareness about lung cancer is so desperately needed. It is the first step in improving research and care for those of us with lung cancer.

Thanks to my niece, Kim, I have a team. Go to the site and look for Team Wheatley!

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