Ken and I got the CT scan results on Wednesday morning. The results are much better than expected. Yeah!! Dr B is now measuring the tumor in millimeters rather than centimeters. It’s not only smaller, it’s once again opaque looking instead of the dense blob it was in early July. It’s unbelievable!!

My hopes were kept in check by various little aches and pains in my chest and neck that come and go. Obviously, this is a poor indicator of my progress since the tumor continues to shrink and my lymph nodes remain normal in size. I am also encouraged because my abdomen remains clear and has since I finished chemo in May.

The tumors in my bones continue to get added treatment with Zometa. The improvement in the main tumor means my bones should be healing just as well. Dr B does not think the neck issues are related to the cancer. But, I’ll go through a neck CT on the 18th to be sure. I think it’s mostly for my peace of mind. Reducing anxiety being a part of treatment. : )