Monday, January 5th we saw Dr B for the test results and my routine exam. The brain MRI from the 22nd was clear. Still no explanation for the ache near my ear… but at least it doesn’t look like anything serious. Now for the not-so-good news. My CT results didn’t look good, at least the radiologist’s report was not good. It indicated the tumor is progressing – not a lot – but any progression is not good and reason to discontinue my current treatment. It’s possible it is an error. I will have a PET scan to get more information. The CT will also be formally reviewed for clarification. The PET scan is tomorrow morning. The two scans will be compared. I should know more by Friday.

I expected and hoped to get at least at year and a half from Tarceva and possibly more. It’s been very effective so far. My symptoms remain good. Hopefully, the PET scan will give us great news.