Dec. 17, 2008

After the CT, an ultrasound was scheduled to learn more about the nodules. This provided some useful information about their size and location, but also other ambiguous information. The next stop was the Endocrinologist. That involved a needle biopsy – actually several of them. And, once again, ambiguous results. This is not unusual for thyroid issues.

The next step is to make a decision to watch it by repeating the ultrasound or to biopsy it by removing it surgically. Next we will meet with a surgeon to learn more and then make a decision. I am not all that worried. The chance it is cancerous is small and, besides, thyroid cancers are not a big deal all things considered. They grow slowly and can be easily monitored and managed.  I have a brain MRI scheduled for next week and the week after, my routine CT for chest, abdomen, etc.

Based on how I am feeling, I think the medications are effective and I am doing well. Of course, it’s always great to get confirmation. The side effects are lessening. The hair loss has slowed to a normal rate plus I’ve become accustomed to having less of it. I am managing infections better and scarcely have rashes. As I try to do more, I notice my fatigue more. I simply can’t do as much as I used to. But, I am hoping that excercise will help to turn that around.

I still worry about each new ache or pain, but this comes with the territory. Dr B and nurse Erin,  are patient and supportive.

This week, I am on vacation. Ken and I are living on board a boat docked at Shelter Island and learning to sail it – all 42′ of it. It’s intimdating, but exciting. The weather is lousy. The rain doesn’t keep us from going out except when it’s too heavy to see. On deck, we get cold and wet with the limited gear we have. We intend to be fairweather sailors and didn’t plan on getting foul-weather gear. We now have bright yellow slickers but nothing to keep our feet dry.