Thursday was supposed to be lab work, followed by a consultation with a surgeon about the thyroid issue, and ending the afternoon at the cancer center with an infusion (chemo by IV). But that’s not how it worked out. First, my lab orders had expired. The blood test had to wait until after seeing the surgeon.  This would add at least an hour of waiting for lab results before I could get the chemo.

After nearly an hour in the exam room… Ken checked the halls for any sign of the doctor or anyone for that matter. He found him chatting in the hall. The surgeon had confused my records with another patient with a similar name and thought my appointment was a mistake. It certainly was a waste of time. He hadn’t consulted with my oncologist and couldn’t make a recommendation. The only thing we learned was there was plenty of time to consider surgery – as much as 3 months. My guess was he needed to know more about my prognosis to determine if it was worthwhile.

While trying to remain as positive as possible, it’s rough being reminded of the poor survival rates of this disease. I was upsetting to wait an hour only to face this. Then it was back to the lab for another long wait. Waiting for the blood draw… then waiting for the results… then waiting to be called to start an IV in the infusion center.

Ken went and found us soemthing for lunch. My spirits were hammered and food was overdue. Then we learned the lab equipment was down. The lab work would need to be done at the hospital nearby… and oh yes… another hour or more of waiting. This had become another disasterous day at the medical center.

A tired, frazzled, and cold patient does not make for an easy time of starting as IV. Five or six unsuccessful sticks, a sedative, and a 15 minute break later chemo finally began. It was nearly 7pm when we finally made it home.
My next appointment with Dr B is Feb. 2. I don’t know if I’ll ask about rescheduling with the surgeon until then. I need a break from it for a bit. Besides, I have several calls to make to sort out medical insurance problems. I’ll focus my energy there first.