Team WheatleyA recent bright spot in my life was the Lung Cancer Walk. Support means so much for all of us with this disease. It’s horrible finding out you have any kind of cancer. To hear learn it is one that is virtually neglected is shocking. That’s why this walk was so important.

Currently early detection of lung cancer is primarily accidental, few treatments are available, and survival rates have made little progress for decades. All because of a long history of scarce funding and research. This is changing. Support is gaining and promising research is underway. Hope is growing and you have been a part of it.

Along with my hope for my own prognosis, is my hope to change the tide and increase lung cancer research. The Walk demonstrated that it can be done! It was so thrilling to see so many people joined together supporting the event with their feet and their wallets – especially in these dire financial times. I had two disappointments. Not finding everyone I knew who was there, and that it was all over so fast. With spirits lifted, even survivors who thought they would be pressed to make 5K said they felt that could have kept on going. 

Thank you all for your generous support!