Today was the first day of my new chemo treatment – my third line. Because I will not be getting a trial drug, I will get chemo just once every 3 weeks. Today was a long day but like many like it, we got through it. In addition to the blood tests, a visit with Dr. B, and the chemo, we squeezed in an ultrasound on my neck. The ultrasound was to better assess my blood clot and the neighboring veins. Results will likely be tomorrow. Aren’t computers great?

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because of pain from the clot. Eventually Ken stirred and asked what he could do. He got me a snack to settle my stomach and one of my pain pills. Within 30 minutes I was hard asleep. When the pain pills eventually wore off this afternoon, there was a break in the pain. This is a sign that the clot is noticeably dissolving. It should continue to do so as long as I don’t miss any more injections.

Now I need to brace myself for the likely fatigue and nausea. I should have my hair for about another 4 weeks. There are other side effects but they aren’t as likely. One day at a time.