Since Thursday I’d been getting progressively short of breath and having trouble talking. Late Friday afternoon I finally called Dr B’s nurse, Erin. I was told to come in for a chest xray to be sure I didn’t have pneumonia or some type of fluid buildup in my lungs. A PE was another concern. It was late in the day so the ER made the most sense. Carinda from work drove me there. Oddly, someone driving around a blind corner egged her car. Fortunately, it was just one. The guard at the hospital helped her clean it up and no damage was done. It was so strange.

Ken joined me within the hour. Blood tests and a chest xray didn’t give any clues. Next was an ultrasound to check the status of the blood clot in my neck. No significant change was found. Then the usual, at CT. By this time, it was down to a PE. But this wasn’t found either. Since everything serious had been eliminated, I was allowed to go home. The assumptions included: numerous small PE’s (which are not life-threatening), a lingering allergic reaction from Tuesday’s chemo, or maybe bronchitis. My oxygen levels were great – which was very reassuring.

In the meantime, I’ve been resting a lot. I’m feeling a bit better. But I am not sure how much of it is from rest or from actual improvement. My next appointment is Tuesday. If nothing worsens in the meantime, I’ll wait until then.