Dr B’s conclusion is the chemo did the damage to my throat and mouth. All should heal with time. Premeds and lots of fluids during treatment should avoid this for future chemos. Now it’s mostly a sore throat and sketchy voice. I’ve added another medication – a rinse to soothe and heal my mouth and throat. It’s nice to have something to help get me through the night.

Both the dentist and the ENT doctor independently think the ear/jaw issue is due to dental pressure  – TMJ of a muscular and tendon nature rather than typical bone and joint. They both recommended a night guard. It’s been a relief to know it’s nothing serious. The consensus is nice, too.

Tuesday’s blood test indicate I’m neutropenic again. Which means my white counts are dangerously low and I am at high risk for infection. I feel fine. I’m getting daily injections for a week to stimulate my bone marrow.