My blood counts are backup – ahead of schedule. This is a relief. From here on I will get treatment (an injection) for my bone marrow a day after each chemo. The next one is next Tuesday. I plan to make time to rest this time. Last time it really knocked me down. Other side effects remain minimal – like nausea. No neuropathy yet. I had some last May, but it gradually went away.

The hair is falling out ahead of schedule. I was hoping to be an exception and keep what I have left or at least keep it a bit longer. It’s still a hard loss to face at times. I’ve already been been avoiding mirrors for a long time. I expect it will still be shocking for awhile and then I’ll get used to it. I cry when I think of seeing the look in Ken’s eyes when it does happen. He says it won’t matter – that we loves me. But, my bald head will be a constant reminder of the disease and difficult to hide. Don’t get me wrong – if I could trade my hair for my health, I would in a second.

I don’t expect it to grow back as long as I am on this treatment. I will continue on the chemo as long as it is effective, though I have no idea how long that might be. But it’s the best thing available now. Based on how I feel, I think it’s working. But, I won’t know how for sure or how well until I get a CT. Dr B hasn’t mentioned scheduling one yet. I think it is at least 3 weeks away and maybe 6. I

The earache is presumed to be due to TMJ. My dentist and an ENT doctor both advised me to get a night guard and see if it helps. At least it’s not getting worse. My throat and mouth are no longer sore. That is a big help. It seemed to make my ear worse. Oh now there’s a lovely picture… bald and wearing a night guard. : )