On Friday morning I got the results from lab work the evening before. My counts were back up. So I don’t have to go through injections this weekend to prepare me for Tuesday’s chemo. I still have routine labs again on Monday. But, I think it will be a surprise if I don’t make it.

Saturday Ken and I went to select my wig and get it fitted. First we went to get my hair trimmed so it’s one length. It had been falling out in some places and growing in in others and was getting to be more than I could manage with a beret.

The wig is a different look for me – darker and longer. It’s a relief after the worsening hair issues, yet it’s not without some anxiety over how people will react to such a drastic change. Though everyone’s been pretty enthusiastic and supportive. It’s great not to be dodging mirrors all the time. I’m reluctant to take it off when I get home. I will have Ken to take a photo. Otherwise, I am sure some people won’t recognize me.

We spent Easter day in Indio with family. My sister, Norma, hosted the event. It was good to see everyone. But, several were missed that couldn’t make it due to work or travel. 

Monday my counts were down again! I have no idea why they would drop when they were improving on their own. I’ve been told there is nothing I can do about it. I am supposed to get chemo tomorrow regardless. I had an injection this evening and will go through another blood test in the morning. If too low tomorrow, it might disqualify me from the trial. I am part of the control group so it won’t change my treatment in anyway. But, it means I can’t help with the trial for a new treatment.