Our new looksI took part of the day off and still feel guilty about it. Rather than risk the melt down I had last time after chemo, I took it easier today. Karen generously offered to drive me to my appointment for my injection and helped me get some errands done. It was a  very long haul for her. Santee to Ramona to Mission Valley via La Jolla (Cancer Center). Next she left me off at work for a few hours and headed to El Cajon for an appointment of hers, then back to Mission Valley. Last to the Cancer center for the appointment for my injection, scheduling my next appointments, etc, back to Ramona, then finally she headed home to Santee.

I now have my appointments for my next chemo on May 5. I will have a CT scan the prior Friday to get an idea of how effective the Taxotere’s been. I feel pretty positive about it based on how I feel. The occasional aches and pains in my chest are gone. 

Photo was taken via my Mac in the Cancer Center Lobby while waiting for chemo appt.