My CT results were great – better than expected. The newer tumors have been reduced by about 50%. The primary one (and its newer “satellite” one) show lots of deterioration. They look like shells with the guts missing. The adjacent lymph node is swollen. But it’s only one. The others looked normal. It’s likely drainage of the dead cancer cells – a very good thing.

My blood counts were high enough to qualify me for chemo today as scheduled. It only ran about an a hour late. But that’s pretty good. It’s very good considering the nurses are now working with a new computer program and have a lot more entries to make.

There is something that might help my nail problems. The Taxotere (chemo) can make finger and toe nails swell and sometimes fall off. It’s called “clubbing” and can be caused by other things, too.

I’m having trouble with just one of my thumbs so far. The treatment involves wearing mittens lined with something like gel-pack or beads that hold cold (when frozen). Wearing them during the infusion can help. There have been clinical trials showing it’s effectiveness. I just have to see if I can get a pair and store them in the freezer at the infusion center while I wait for chemo. I have a few weeks to work on it. They make them for feet, too… if it comes to that.

The only bad news is I’ll going through another bronchoscopy… and soon. I coughed a blood clot yesterday. It may indicate a blood vessel in one of my bronchia has ruptured and may do so again. This can happen as cancer cells adjacent or attached to a vessel are damaged. It can be remedied, sealing it up using a laser. I am dreading the procedure. The last one was truly torture. Just discussing it with Dr B today brought me to tears. I hope to have the procedure done differently and with some sedatives. Sadly, Ken won’t be there to go to battle for me. He’s traveling for work. I will be prepared to walk out if need be and try the another pulmonologist.

Our friend, Steve, stepped in and spent the tedious day with me, picking me up at 8 and getting me home at about 5. We had a late lunch at Island’s before heading back to Ramona. Steve had just returned the evening before from a trip to the east coast. So in addition to having things to catch up on at home, he was suffering from jet lag.