Wednesday I had a bronchoscopy. This involves examining my airway with a scope. The reason was to confirm and evaluate the suspected lesion that was related to the clot. This time I was well medicated and went through the entire process smoothly. As hard as it was for both of us, Ken could not be there. He was in New Jersey. But, Dr B felt it had to be done right away.

My sister Kathy took me to the appointment at UCSD in Hillcrest arriving at about 10:30. Like with most of the days Ken and I go to my appointments, it involved a lot of waiting. It was a lot more than expected since I’d been fit into their schedule on very short notice. The wait was 3 hours to begin the procedure. Afterwards, still groggy on drugs, Kathy drove me to the cancer center for my post-chemo injection. It was after 5 when we headed back toward home. Kathy missed an appointment of her own. And because we did not anticipate how much time was needed and did not pre-pay enough, we got a parking ticket  at UCSD Hillcrest. Kathy offered to try fight it. I don’t know how she made out.

The lesion was confirmed. It was small but deep and was formed as chemo killed cancer cells opening up the wound. There was debate over whether or not to go back in to seal it up as best as possible. My clotting rate was evaluated again. Eventually, the decision was to wait – provided the clot did not break off again. My follow-up procedure was postponed indefinitely. Yeah!

Other than routine exams, I get a break until Tuesday the 26th when my next chemo is scheduled. In the meantime… there was lots of catching up to do at work and long hours. By the time I get home each night I have very little energy left.

Wednesday I got stuck in a huge traffic jam. Instead of the normal 40-45 minutes, it took me about 2 hours to get home that evening. Ken is so patient as I rest. Sometimes it helps to get off my feet for several minutes. Often I eventually fall asleep on the couch after dinner. Sometimes, like Wednesday, I surrender earlier and Ken tucks me in. He has many evenings alone reading and working on his emails. He often stays up later than he intends to and doesn’t get enough sleep.