After I finished chemo last Wednesday (July 8th), I noticed a pain in my side. By the end of the day the pain was in the center of my chest and I was short of breath. I called Dr B’s nurse case manager. Erin’s the one who listens to all my complaints, concerns, and worries. She checked with Dr B. I needed to get a CT scan. That late in the day, that means a trip to the ER. Ken met me there and brought me dinner. A great sandwich from Submarina with all my favorites.

The CT confirmed a Pulmonary Embolism (PE). It’s a blood clot in one of the pulmonary arteries (in the lung). The ER doctor wanted to admit me. I was concerned about getting out in time for my appointment at USC on Friday. With the admitting process underway, Dr B was reached by phone. She felt I could manage at home. My prescription was changed from once, to twice a day injections with a different dose. I was to return immediately if breathing became more difficult.

Ken and I were both a little nervous about being so far away from the hospital if things got worse. But the ER doctor reassured us and we went home. They offered lots of pain pills, but I decided to go with what I already had on hand.

I was glad to be home with Ken. Thursday I stayed home to rest. Friday we went to USC as planned.