On August 6 a CT Scan was done on my brain. Before I could switch from Heparin (which requires hospitalization), it was important to know if I had any clots or bleeding in my brain. If so, changing to the longer lasting Lovenox would be too risky. Though this was part of preparing to be released from the hospital.

I was not prepared for what was found – 7 tumors in my brain.

After the shock of the news and all that it meant,  I wanted to know how  do we deal with this. I need chemo for all my other tumors and soon!

The plan is more radiation. 10 treatments for my brain. Chemo would need to wait two MORE weeks. The trial drug seems to have failed me. The standard of care now looked like the better option.

Some of the new tumors in my spine are suspected of the cause of some or most of pain in my back and abdomen. Radiation treatment will be concurrent with the remainder (5) treatments for my brain. It will not delay chemo. It starts on Saturday, August 26th.