I have been ill, exhausted, or busy wrapping up the sale of my business. I was not able to find the physical or mental energy needed to write for some time. I do hope you have found Ken’s Blog. He keeps his current and writes from the heart, while I try to keep up on the basics. His is at kenwheatley.wordpress.com.

I am back in the hospital. I’v e been here since Monday, August 3. I came in for unbearable chest pain that I presumed was a PE. It was. I was put  on Heparin, a blood thinner. The pain from the clots lessened each day and are now mostly gone. But other abdominal and back pain have kept me in the hospital. The pain that remains is from my growing tumors.

I did get into the USC trial on July 29. That was after finishing radiation on the tumor blocking my airway, then a two-week waiting period from the radiation, and my July 24 – 28 hospital stay for pain. Because I was in the hospital, Dr B got me a waiver on the trial for this past week’s appt. until I could participate in the trial.

I’ve gotten though most of this illness without pain until this recent many weeks. I had been led to understand pain was manageable. But I am finding it to be a challenge for me and my doctors. I am tiring now and find it difficult to continue to write . I will try later in the day.