August 16 was the day I was discharged from the hospital. Ken’s sister, Sybie, extended her stay through Saturday to help. I decided to wait to drive until I feel ready. During that time, I had appts,. errands, grocery shopping, and some work to do. We also spent a day for fun so Sybie could see some of the coast and beaches.

Saturday, Sybie got up early and drove herself (she had a rental car) to the airport. There were delays in leaving San Diego with that and the missed connections, Sybie had a very long travel day returning home.

During the week, I stilled struggled with nausea, vomiting, and developed mouth sores from some of the other medications and treatments I’d gotten in the hospital. All of this made eating difficult and weight loss unavoidable.


Thursday morning it hit me. Severe fatigue. Everything was a struggle. I was lucky to have enough energy to safely drive to my treatment. Everything was an effort throughout the day. I slept most of the evening and managed to get my schedule out of whack. I’ve been waking at 4am since then. This continued through the weekend. I finally felt my energy returning on Sunday. Tomorrow’s treatment may set me back again. At least there are only 3 remaining. And, it seems to be helping. My breathing gets better each day. The results won’t be checked for 4-6 weeks when the effects are expected to end or peak.

I’m recovering from the pneumonia, but it will take awhile. I’m sure it’s contributed to the fatigue and some of my aches and pains.