I’ve been enjoying the break from chemo. It’s great having three weeks off between treatments. The side effects have been manageable. The typical nausea, fatigue, and funky taste buds which lessen each day. My fingertips have been extremely tender, but are also getting better.

Today I had my CT scan. Now comes the long wait for the results on Tuesday. That’s when I have my next appointment with Dr B and am scheduled for my next chemo.


As the aches have been diminishing my attitude has improved tremendously. My low blood counts appear to have been the cause. The medication that’s likely responsible is the one I received last week. It’s slow-acting and is supposed to prepare me for Tuesday’s chemo. I am also feeling more “normal” as the chemo side effects gradually wear off. My energy level and attitude are both up! Yeah! Now I just have to figure out how to manage the other stressor – work.

For the first time since this all began, I am feeling more like my normal self. At least my energy level seems to be what is once was. Given how far behind I managed to get at work, this has been a real blessing.  For the last few days I have some minor aches, something I would have ignored in past years. But, I’ve learned to be anxious about every little thing… wondering if it’s the cancer rearing it’s viscous head. Knowing anxiety is bad for me, I try to manage it better. I see Doctor B on Wednesday and will get the results of my last CT scan. I know generally that there has been improvement and the tumor is smaller. I have a complete bone scan scheduled for Tuesday. Dr B says it is routine. It sounds like an easy test at least – and no IV! 

After days of exhaustion I am finally recovering. Thursday I was feeling well enough to drive and to work part of the day. Friday I worked from home, well I tried, though I didn’t accomplish much. I was still not clear-headed or very effective. But, over the weekend I made a lot of progress. By Monday morning I felt the best I had in weeks. I was able to work a full day! So much improvement in one week! Last Thursday I had a CT to check on my progress. It was done early because of concern about by lingering problems from the pneumonia or pulmonary emboli (PE). It does not show the effect of my last chemo just the day before. I do not have details about the results yet, other than the tumor has continued to shrink and the PE’s are gone. I will get more info late next week. 

I got a full day of work in on Thursday. Other than a mild headache in the morning, I felt okay. Friday was not as bad as the previous one – a bit of a head and stomach ache and very tired. But, I got out for lunch with Ken and finished the afternoon at work.Ken’s staff had bracelets made – like the ones made famous by Lance Armstrong in his battle with cancer. Mine are purple with “Sheila” stamped on them. I cried when I saw the first one on Ken’s wrist.I am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home and, on Sunday, the Superbowl. 

This morning was a little rough. I woke up with nausea and a headache. But, thanks to Ken’s attentive care and love and support… and a little time, I recovered. I was feeling well enough after several hours to shower and get out to do some errands. I had to fight the heavy tiredness. But each effort made the next easier and the rest of the day went fine. I kept my salon appointment with Joe. It was good to see him and Buni. I relaxed so much I fell asleep in the chair. Spending time with them really cheered me up! For those that don’t know, tomorrow (Saturday) is Ken’s birthday.  I appreciate all the comments and support. Knowing there are so many rooting for me is encouraging and comforting. PS – If you want your comment to remain private (un-posted) just let me know. Each time a comment is added, I get an email telling me it’s there and includes the text. And, it gives me the option to go to my blog and post it for all to see.  

The day after the 1st chemo went well. The one sharp pain I have in my side took a rest for most of the day. That was very encouraging. I went into work for the day which had it’s own ups and downs. My sister, Betty, has been helping me with the business for over a year. She is putting in more time and taking a big load off of me. Ken’s been pitching in with my business, too. Helping me to speed up much needed projects and plans. He gives me the support to do those hard things that have fallen behind schedule. Today, my sister, Darlene, stopped by bringing lunch and a yoga mat of my own (it had been on my shopping list). I plan to put it to use early next week.My sister Karen also stopped by later with dessert… a hand-selected box of See’s candy. Something to help put some weight on for the days ahead. I am making the effort but can use all the help I can get. Ken is good to put snacks in front of me every hour or two and that helps too.